Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Devoted To Birds (Layla's Post)

Yep. That's what i am. Birds are so amazing and beautiful, even  the most plain colored of all. Color isn't all that counts. So, I love taking pictures of the birds I see and I have an awesome camera that aids me in this. However, I never seem to be able to get pictures of the rare ones! Take the red-tailed tropic bird for example. That bird is SUPER rare but of course out of the two times I've seen it I haven't had time to take a picture! That is no evidence! Well, I'm not posting this so I can mourn about what i haven't got a picture of but what I have so here goes:

Acorn Woodpecker:

They like eating suet and peanuts and prefer a place with plenty of trees. Common.


Their favorite treat is nyjer, sometimes called thistle though they will also eat other small seeds.

Western Scrub jay:

What can I say about jays except for that there extremely loud and go crazy for shelled peanuts?


Oh how I love these little things. They have so many unique and defining traits that I can't explain half of them!

crow in palm tree:

EVERYONE knows about crows. :)


 And seagulls... they take your food and are annoying!!!!!!!!

this is an awesome pic!:

Yeah, yeah, we live by the ocean.

Turkey Vulture:

I have one word to explain this guy: UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

band- tailed pigeon:

can't really see the banded tail, huh. He-He.


Typical bird on the fence type of  photo.

I have a lot more pics but it would take centuries to post them all so I will stop with the photos and continue. I wrote a composition on a red-shouldered hawk I was watching the other day and here it is:
10:08 A.M.

The hawk: A composition

There he stood: a perfect example of grace and beauty, just standing there with his head arched and his eye ever moving.
There he stood: in an old, gnarled oak tree with it's branches spreading out every which way well the twig-like wood shot off from each branch intertwining itself with another.
There he stood: with his black and white tail feathers which on close examination prove to have one of the most intricate patterns ever created with close resemblance to a spider's web, his perfectly curved beak and sharp eyes that pierce you deep into the soul, not even mentioning the red and black feathers of ever-changing shades as they glisten in the sunlight and then of course his menacing talons which are ready at any moment to spring upon a helpless chicken or mouse and carry it away.
There he flew: with his strong wings spread wide and flapping up and down, silently, gliding away across sunlit skies.

Did you like it?
So, if you are a bird-watcher like me there is this awesome thing going on worldwide called the Great Backyard Bird count. Here is the link to the site. and if you are a bird photographer there is also a contest for that on the site which you should check out. :)
I know this has nothing to do with the subject but look at this awesome smiley angry face. :@ He-He.
I'm glad you stayed long enough to hear me ramble about birds. I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you did. oh yeah, and Josiah told me I could only do this post if I told you to check out his page Josiah Jolly Stuff and comment. Don't worry, you don't have to listen but he really would like if you commented even though he's crazy. :)


  1. Hey those are some cool photo! I like the ones by the beach:)
    My favorite bird is the golden warbler! He is so pretty and cute:)

  2. Nice photos! Here is how to join the giveaway on my blog! :)

    Hey guys! All you need to do is follow my blog and leave a comment what item do you love in her shop and make a blog post about this. :) thanks for joining! :)

  3. I love the photos Layla!!! Thanks again for sponsoring my giveaway!! (By the way, I think you've gotten a few followers from doing that! :)

  4. This is a great post; so many different kinds of birds!
    And you were able to get really clear pictures of them too, I have a hard time getting close enough to really show their neat feather patterns and such. =D
    I especially like the seagull pictures. <3


  5. Cool! I did the Great Backyard bird count! I found and ID'd 30 species in a day. How did you do?