Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pictures, poetry and randomness (Laylas post)

I've been taking a lot of photos lately and I decided I'd post them on here along with some older favorites. Enjoy.

And some more...

and I regret to say I did my bird post a day to early...

 And we've had fun with bubbles...

That is enough pictures for now. I will save the rest for more posts. I will now show you a poem I wrote.


I asked you not to go this far
But listen you did not.
Instead you went to plenty of trouble
And look what you have brought.

 I have no reflection
Yet  I am not dead
However alive does not fit my description
I merely don't exist.

There are plenty of pictures of me on my wall
Yet that wall was never built
I cannot see how you are not
Extremely ridden with guilt.

The reason I am writing this
Is so you do not
Follow in my footsteps
Or much sadness will be wrought.

Did you like it? 
Just one more thing for you awesome possum people.
I have a tendency to do this...

 And last but not least...

Yes, that is my gollum stuffed animal. Did I ever mention i love gollum?
Bye you awesome people. Thanks for reading. Please comment and tell me what you think.


  1. You are quite the photographer Layla! An eye for photos is a gift:) The last bird pics had alot of neat colors! Keep snappin!

  2. you have such an eye for photography! These are really awesome photos good job! I love that poem as well!
    you have a wonderful weekend beautiful girl!

    Morgan Ilg

  3. Oooh! So many good pictures Layla!
    I love the first two; that lovely leaf against the blue sky...
    Wow! I'm impressed that you got that close to a squirrel! I've seen ours climb up to the bird bath, but it's far from the window. =/
    I also like the sunburst pictures and the ivy climbing up the tree trunk. And pretty much all the bird pictures, especially the last though; you caught it just as it was flying away! =D
    Keep it up!


  4. Those are some really amazing pictures!! :)

  5. You took all these? That's amazing! I wonder how you got that close to a squirrel! :) Well done!


    Come on over to & meet some more kids :)

  6. Lovely pictures, Layla! I love the bird ones. :)
    Tane xxx

  7. I've been meaning to check our your blog for awhile, and now I finally had a chance to visit you!

    You guys are too cute! I will most definitely follow :)

  8. Hey Layla,
    These pictures are amazing! You're a great photographer! I love the one of the squirrel! You're very talented and y'all are both very cute:)You have a cool blog!
    You asked me if I would like a button earlier. I would really like a button, I would like one that cordinated with my header if possible. That would be great, Thanks for offering:)
    -Thanks Connie