Sunday, February 3, 2013

Awarded... A lot

Ireland at A pearl of Great Price awarded us. So here it goes.

Answer the 11 questions given you,
Make 11 questions to give to the ones you tag,
Tag 11 people.
Tell them you tagged them!

Our answers to her questions:
Do you like to wear dresses or t-shirts and pants? Jo: answer unnecessary. L: dresses
Favorite blog? Probably A pearl of Great Price or Instantly British
Favorite band? J: Sanctus Real. L: The Piano Guys, ummmm...
Do you wear jewelry? NOOOO!!!!(FOR BOTH OF US)
If you could do one of the following, what would you do, Ride in a helicopter, be in a movie, or attend a royal ball?  J: helicopter. L: uh-oh. no idea.
Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? J: none. L: Bigfoot
Genre of music? Not sure...
Are you learning any languages?J: japanese.L: Latin, Spanish
If you were stuck in a locked closet and your family was out, what would you do?  J: sit and wait, maybe yell. L: I'd take the lock off using my multitool I carry around with me
Girly girl or tomboy? J: really?L: mostly tomboy, though I prefer to wear dresses. Ask her
Favorite color combo?J: just plain green. L: blue and brown.

Then our 11 questions...

Are you homeschooled?
Girly girl or tomboy?
3 favorite books?
Would you consider yourself more of a writer or a reader?
How many pen-pals do you have?
Would you like a pen-pal?
Photography or writing? mwhahahaha
What is your nickname (be honest, even if it is your worst nightmare)?
What is your favorite blog(s)?
If you were stuck in a locked closet and your family was out, what would you do?
Are you learning any languages?
And we award...
Madeline @ Instantly British

I know that is not 11. sorry. We said we got awarded a lot. Here is our next one.

The questions: 
  1. Would you rather listen to music or make the music?  Both.
  2. What is your favorite thing about me? That your posts are creative, funny and I get to learn more about my pen-pal. J: Funniness.
  3. Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains? Well, we live by the beach and go there ALL the time so the mountains.
  4. Tea or coffee? Sweet tea.
Volleyball or Basketball?  Basketball.

We award:
this blog
this blog

Yeah, two again. sorry. 
we have two more which we will do later.
Guess what we are going to do right now. You are wrong. We are going to eat dinner and watch Hotel Transylvania.
P.S. In the comments put what you guessed.

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