Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pets and more

We have a lot of pets and there are interesting things about all of them.  Right now we will talk about our chickens and our duck. Our dad's chicken is named Greta, Layla's (mine) is named Annabell Lee (after an Edgar Allan Poe poem), Josiah's (mine) is named Chirper, Hannah's is named Clementine or Clem because we just figured out he is a rooster, Ruth's is named Laura and moses's is named Sallybird.  Our two smallest were taken by a hawk.  We also have a duck who lives with the chickens named Jemima.

We also have two kittens and a dog. The kittens names are Genesis and Exodus. They are both boys. Our dog is a girl named Nicki who we got from the neighbors. She runs away all the time. Other than these pets we have a few wild pets including bass, bluegill, tadpoles and crawfish.  That is all for now about our pets. Now the pictures.

Josiah and Chirper
Annabell Lee and Clem

Leetla Giorgio Washeenton

A poem by Thomas Augustine Daly.

You know w’at for ees school keep out
Dees holiday, my son?
Wal, den, I gona tal you ’bout
Dees Giorgio Washeenton.
Wal, Giorgio was leetla keed
Ees leeve long time ago,
An’ he gon’ school for learn to read
An’ write hees nam’, you know.
He moocha like for gona school
An’ learna hard all day,
Baycause he no gat time for fool
Weeth bada keeds an’ play.
Wal, wan cold day w’en Giorgio
Ees steell so vera small,
He start from home, but he ees no
Show up een school at all!
Oh, my! hees Pop ees gatta mad
An’ so he tal hees wife:
“Som’ leetla boy ees gon’ feel bad
Today, you bat my life!”
An’ den he grab a bigga steeck
An’ gon’ out een da snow
An’ lookin’ all aroun’ for seek
Da leetla Giorgio.
Ha! w’at you theenk? Firs’ theeng he see
Where leetla boy he stan’,
All tangla up een cherry tree,
Weeth hatchet een hees han’.
“Ha! w’at you do?” hees Pop he say,
“W’at for you busta rule
An’ stay away like dees for play
Eenstead for gon’ to school?”
Da boy ees say: “I no can lie,
An’ so I speaka true.
I stay away from school for try
An’ gat som’ wood for you.
I theenka deesa cherry tree
Ees goodda size for chop,
An’ so I cut heem down, you see,
For justa help my Pop.”
Hees Pop he no can gatta mad,
But looka please’ an’ say:
“My leetla boy, I am so glad
You taka holiday.”
Ees good for leetla boy, you see,
For be so bright an’ try
For help hees Pop; so den he be.
A granda man bimeby.
So now you gotta holiday
An’ eet ees good, you know,
For you gon’ do da sama way
Like leetla Giorgio.
Don’t play so mooch, but justa stop,
Eef you want be som’ good,
An’ try for help your poor old Pop
By carry home som’ wood;
An’ mebbe so like Giorgio
You grow for be so great
You gona be da Presidant
Of dese Unita State’!

This is one of our favorite poems.  Hilarious!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Moses and Pearl

Now we are going to write about our two youngest siblings Moses and Pearl.  Pearl is the youngest of them all, four months and twenty days.  She is extremely cute and she smiles all the time.  One thing she likes is being talked to, another thing is sleeping.

           There is a lot more that we have to say about Moses, the second youngest in our family.  He is two years old and he is AWESOME!  First things first he loves to " fight".  He is always asking to fight, either using only his fists and feet or using a couple of foam swords which sting even when he is the one hitting.  His favorite book is Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  He loves playing outside, playing his guitar and sing and dance to any kind of music.  He also loves watching the birdies and the quirls ( squirrels) using his language. That's all about Moses and Pearl.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are a brother and a sister.  Our names are Layla and Josiah.  We are home schooled and we live with lots of brothers and sisters and our mom and dad.  A few days ago we went down to a river and caught giant tadpoles. They are all about four inches long, head to tail.  Some of them are almost frogs but not yet. We have six chicks and one duckling, two kittens, a dog and a pond of fish.

Layla loves reading, writing, fishing, playing guitar and keyboard and talking to birds.

Josiah loves reading, drums, drawing, fishing, legos and exploring.

Welcome to our blog, we hope you come back to read often.