Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Post About Josiah, Aka, My Little Brother Who Posts on Here once In A Lifetime (and random pictures, but if you haven't began to guess those will be in every post then you are a blubbering bufoon)

Sorry about that blubbering buffoon part, I really like calling people that. So anyways...
This post is about Josiah, who turned nine on February 18th. Yeah, a birthday post never really happened...

First, is a poem I jokingly wrote about him, which took a lot of convincing for him to let me put it on here but anyways... Here it goes:

Poem About My Irritating Little Brother Jo

He get's in your face
And yells like a girl
He couldn't beat a five year-old in a race
And he laughs like a squirrel

He doesn't brush his teeth
(Or at least they're really yellow)
He hardly ever eat his meat
And doesn't know when it's time to be mellow

He's stubborn 'bout what he reads
And tells horrible jokes
His nose constantly bleeds
Steer clear of him, folks!

Did you like it?

Another incident which took a lot of convincing to let me post it on here I laughingly call "pig milk." Read on to understand...

Once me, Ian, Pater (father in Latin) and Josiah were speaking about what animals we, as people,  drink milk from.
"Cow milk."
"Goat milk!"
Which is when Josiah decides to contribute with his "witty" and humorous, "Pig ,milk!"
Hmmm... lets just say endless amounts of laughter followed. He insists that "I just thought that we were naming animals that had milk." I tend to think... he would dislike if I included it here;)

Alright here are some photos of him...

He insists that I tell you his hair is shorter now (aka, he got it shaved and it's not half as fun to take pictures of any more:))
Apparently, I have to put a link to Josiah Jolly Stuff so please go comment so he will stop bothering me about how it needs more comments:)

Also, random pictures...

Oh yeah, you should go over to A Pearl of Great Price and help Ireland reach 100 followers so she can have a huge giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By for now:)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Interviews and a trip to the beach

First, I must warn you: there are going to be a LOT of pictures in this post. You have been fairly warned.

But first, two interviews must come. First we were able to interview our Aunt Hanna, who is sadly gone currently, but will hopefully come soon:) So, without further ado...

1. if you had to stay one age for the rest of your life what would that be? 14
2. what are your three favorite books? Hunger Games trilogy, The doctor's wife, night road.
3. three favorite movies? Titanic, Christmas Vacation
4. if you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you most want with you? A man, quick wits.
5. What is the most important thing you want to do before you die? own the most incredible ship ever and help kids in Africa.
6. If you could dis-invent one thing what would it be? guns.
7. If someone were to break into your house what would you least want stolen? old cards and letters I have gotten in the past.
8. If you were to be one book character who would it be? Katniss Everdeen (behind the scenes: Our Uncle Davey, when hearing this said" No way. Hanna could not do that, because katniss is the awesome, tough person")
9.What would you consider your greatest downfall? I worry to much.
10. What is your most defining trait? My humor. (many objections from Uncle Davey followed.)
11. If you could go anywhere , where would that be? Somewhere in the Caribbean.

Now some pictures of her:

 I set these two up...

WE also got to interview "some crazy New Zealander" who you may recognize from "Hearst Castle and horse castle  . Here we go...

1. three favorite books? Robinson Crusoe, James and the Giant Peach, Voyage of Madmen.
2. If you were to stay one age for the rest of your life what would you want that age to be? 23.
3. If you could have one super power what would that be? The ability to use any super power.
4. Would you rather have a dragon or a griffin? Dragon with golden scales and super powers.
5.  What are you best at drawing? Combinations of different animal parts (scroll down to view picture)
6. If you could change anyone's mind about anything, whose mind would that be and what would you change? your mind about asking me that question. (blast it, Conr- Crazy New Zealander.)
7. Would you rather jump off a cliff onto jagged rocks or a moat full of crocodiles? Moat full of crocodiles.
8. If you could be one person who would you want to be? The person my dog thinks I am.
9. Are you more brainy or agile? Neither. (many protests follow.)
10. would you rather be an action figure or a stuffed animal? Stuffed animal.
11. What is the most important thing you want to do before you die? Fly with my dragon and defeat bad guys with little Josiah teddy bear on my dragons tail.

He drew us one of the pictures he most likes drawing:

And a picture of him...

So, as for a trip to the beach...

That is just a sampling of the photos I was planning on putting but, eh, I was getting bored of watching all the pictures upload.
I was seriously debating posting this because I was not sure what I thought of the rhyme scheme but I am giving in. Please be honest and tell me what you think. i enjoy criticism, it helps me learn:)

The Beach

The blues and greens of the ocean deep
Sea foaming up against the sandy shore
Only a fool would choose to weep
Then the waves draw back again and roar

Overhead a seagull does screech
The waves crash up against the rocks
Seagull swoops near to the ground yet does not quite reach
The water, I fear, has forgotten to knock

A crab scuttles across, speckled red and white
A starfish nearly washed away with the water
Crab shields from the sea, squeezing between a rock tight
Starfish holding on, afraid that it might have caught her

The sun is setting below the hills
Sea otter pops his head up, then down
Such a beautiful sight, mine own heart it did fill
The beach falls asleep without a sound. 

So, what do you think? 
ANd a few random pictures because it makes me feel good:)...

   Which is your favorite? I'll be back soon.