Saturday, February 16, 2013


So we warn you: this is going to be a random and perhaps not exciting post.
Ireland @ A Squirrel of Great Price is having this giveaway and it is awesome. Why is it awesome you may ask? Because *drum roll* I Layla am sponsoring a picture from my awesome shop. You should go enter...

and... there is another giveaway in town from heart strings  .  I guess if you really have to you can enter that one though it will lessen our chances of winning. Whatever. Go ahead.

Have a good day, hopefully we will do a more exciting post soon.

Yes, we purposefully called a pearl of great price a squirrel of great price.

Oh yeah, and I Layla am reading the least popular book EVER that's sequels will NEVER be made into movie and it DEFINITELY won't. So, can you guess what it is. I might have been being extremely sarcastic. *did I just say that!* So, put what you think I am reading in the comments and whoever wins will get something designed by me. So, good luck. Bye.

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