Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Random Post

This post is going to be a random, short post.

First we will put a poem that I, Layla wrote when I was six. Here it is:
 I know a little bird
That goes tweet tweet tweet
And that pretty little sound
Has a pretty little beat.

The beat is not fast
It is slow
Tweet Tweet Tweet
Is how the song goes

The bird has a red breast 
And a red tail
And in my imagination
The tail is a sail.

I was going to put a poem I wrote a few months ago on here but it seems that I misplaced it so I can't. I will write a poem right now and put it on here though. Here it is:
 Buck in the snow
Breath is like thunder
Running swiftly
Shot by a bow
Down he goes

But up again
Limping away
Blood stains the snow
In pain he goes
In pain he goes

He has escaped
Though he's nearly dead 
But while there's still life
There's hope in sorrow's stead
Hope in sorrow's stead

But the spring helped revive him 
Giving him life again
And it taught him a lesson to
With pain it may have come, but happiness sprung
And he'd become better in many ways too

This is not as good as the one I was going to put but it's still good. More of a rhyme though.
I can't not put this poem that I wrote when I was seven no matter how ridiculous it is. Here it is:
  Ice cream is sweet
 Ice cream is cold

 I don't eat
 Ice cream with mold.

That's all. It's stupid but funny.

Weather over here has been very strange. We had a week where it was very hot and we mean very hot but this week has been very cool, almost like fall weather. We had chili and corn bread for dinner and it was delicious. Yes, that was an abrupt change of subject but we said this was going to be a random post.
We took a vacation to a beach house in June and here are some pictures from it.

                                                Our cousins Keaton and Addison, Keaton is the baby
                                           the sunset.      
                                              Mud swallow coming out of it's nest.  Yes, that was a random post.


  1. wow Layla, I am so impressed. I had no idea you were writing poetry on the fly here, and it's beautiful. Of course I remember your bird one, but the new one you just wrote is amazing. I'm so glad to be your mama.

  2. Lovin' this post, Layla. Especially the poems - oh, I hope you keep writing those poems...lots and lots of them, because you are good at it. And I'm glad you and your family had a great vacation - love your pictures. Is that a swallow in the last one?

  3. What a lovely post Layla! I love the pictures and the randomness :)
    I can't believe you just made such a wonderful poem up on the spot!
    I have couple of girls who love poetry too :)