Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Cats

Our cats are named Genesis and Exodus.Exodus is a tabby cat and Genesis is just a black cat.
    We call Genesis a black cat because we don't know what kind of cat he is.Although Genesis and Exodus are brothers they are both a different kind of cat.
Exodus is really playful and he purr's if you touch him,now Genesis is not at all like Exodus, if you pick up Genesis he will scratch you and try to wriggle out of your hands.Exodus climbs up super duper steep trees and Ian calls him part squirrel. However, Genesis is a scaredy-cat and does not get that far.
                                    Genesis, I, Josiah, Pearl


  1. i forgot you guys have cats! haha are they bigger now?

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Uncle Davey. As a matter of fact they are WAY bigger now.
      We love you
      Layla and

  2. Hey!maybe you might like my blog:):)