Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things in nature

We have had lots of fun experiences outside and now we are going to write about some of them. First we'll write about the violet-green swallow.

       Once we were catching tadpoles at a river with our dad and our dad went farther than usual to look for some perch.  However, instead of bringing back the fish he brought back a live bird.  It turned out that the bird had been laying on a rock in the sun and he just swooped it up with the net and brought it back. The bird was amazing. Sometimes it would lay down peacefully and other times it would flap its wings angrily, trying to get out.  We held it in our hands a few times and were able to observe it for almost the whole day.

          Another animal we'd like to talk about are deer.  I, Josiah actually wasn't there when it happened but I, Layla was. We were taking a drive one day when we saw a bunch of deer.  There were two fawns who looked like they'd just been born yesterday, numerous does and three or four bucks. One of the fawns was a boy and one was a girl.  The bucks nearest to our car stared at us, the does continued to eat but were clearly ready to bolt up at any moment and the fawns continued playing and kissing like before. Sadly I did not have my camera so there are no pictures.

        Last of all we are going to write about a tree instead of an animal.  It is a fruit tree that did not produce last year.  We went from thinking that it was an avocado tree, to a mango tree until we finally figured out that it was a loquat tree. Loquats are Japanese Plums and they are delicious! The chickens and duck love them too.

          Though there are still plenty of things to talk about we'll save those for another time.



  1. That bird is beautiful! And I would have loved to have seen those deer!