Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Questions For The Blog readers

                                       Josiah's  Questions
1.   Do you like pizza?
2.   Do you like ice cream?
3.   Do you like broccoli?
4.   Do you like tofu? ( I've never tryed it )
5.   What's your favorite thing to do?
6.   Have you ever seen an agate?

     That's all for me.

                                    Layla's Questions               
1.  What are your five favorite books and/or book series?
2.  What are your two favorite colors?
3.  Who is your favorite band/singer?
4.  What are your five favorite movies?
5.  What are your three favorite things to do outside?
6.  Do you know or are learning how to play one or more instruments? If you do what are they?
7.  How many siblings do you have and how old are they?
8.  What is your favorite food?
       Answer these questions in your comment.  If you want you can ask us the questions you would like.


  1. 1. yes
    5.read to my kiddos and walk outdoors
    6. yes {thanks to you josiah}

    1. unfair question layla. {other than the bible,} jayber crow, peace like a river, tale of two cities, 1000 gifts, for the children's sake... but a million more too!
    2.green, orange
    3.alela diane or alathea
    4. we have been over this recently, I have no answer.
    5. walk, sit, feel the wind, watch my kiddos play
    6. nope
    7. 5... 32, 25, 23,21,17
    8.bagels... or nachos

  2. Josiah's Questions get answered...
    1. Yes! :)
    2. Of course! :)
    3. I don't hate it but don't love it either...
    4. It's okay... I've had it once, wasn't to impressed...
    5. Oh that's hard, I guess blog, read, hang out with family & friends and talk on the phone! :)(That's not all though!)
    6. Um no...

    Layla's Question's get answered...
    1. I agree with your mom... Unfair question! :)(other than the bible) The Elsie Dinsmore Series, The Mandie Series, Books by Christmas Carol Kaufman, Books by Frank E. Peretti, and TONS more!
    2. Blue and purple!
    3. Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, BarlowGirl, & Chris Rice.
    4. Courageous, Fireproof, Mandie Series, Facing the Giants, The Widows might.
    5. Bike, run, sit with friends, and swing.
    6. Piano for 6-7 years and guitar for 1-2 months. :)
    7. four.... 7, 5, 3, 1.
    8. I'm not sure at all... :)

    Fun idea y'all!