Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jo's best story on the blog (so far)

I, Josiah wrote a story about a game me and Layla play. Here it is:


 A man named Ian who was 20 years old and a man named Thomas who was 21 years old both loved skateboarding, and they were best friends. Ian had a brother named Matt and Thomas had a sister named Clara. Ian taught Matt how to invent things (Ian was very good at inventing) and Matt learned it quick (but not all of it which he didn’t know at that time). Matt was 10 years old and him and Ian lived in a house together, and Clara was 12 years old and her and Thomas lived in a house together.
 One day Ian and Thomas were skateboarding on Ian’s front porch when Ian said: “Let’s pretend that we’re on a fishing boat,” “Ya” said Thomas, and then they both appeared on a fishing boat. “AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” they both yelled at the same time, “L-lets pretend that we’re back at my house” said Ian, and then they were back on Ian’s porch. ‘Wow” said Thomas I didn’t know that we could do that; “Same here” said Ian, “but I have a great name for us,” “What’s that?” asked Thomas,” IAN AND THOMAS SKATEBOARD TEAM!” said Ian. And then they started skateboarding again. Then Thomas said, “Let’s pretend we are with Napoleon when he crosses the Alps!”
 “What” said Ian and then they appeared there. Then Napoleon saw them and brandishing his sword yelled “Who are you” and then started running towards them.
 “Let’s not change history, let’s pretend we’re back at my house” and then they were back on Ian’s front porch. “Let’s go inside” said Thomas. “Ya” said Ian. Then they walked into his house. When they got inside Ian ran to Matt’s room and said, “Hey Matt, come look at what Thomas and I can do.”
“What is it” asked Matt, while following them outside.
 They got outside and Ian and Thomas stood on their skateboards and they said, “Let’s pretend we’re in a rocket ship flying through outer space.” Then Ian and Thomas appeared in a rocket and Matt just saw them disappear so he yelled, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
 Then Ian said, “Let’s pretend we’re back on my porch” and of course they appeared there. Then Matt said in astonishment, “How did you do that?”
  Thomas replied, “We don’t know it just happens. I think it’s a power of some sort.” Then they all went inside. When they got inside Ian asked Matt, “What are you inventing right now?”
 Matt replied, “It’s a remote controlled elephant.” “A remote controlled elephant” said Ian, “How big?” “Big enough for somebody to ride on” replied Matt. “Big enough for somebody to ride on” exclaimed Ian and Thomas at the same time! “Dibs on first ride” yelled Ian.
“Ah, man,” said Thomas. Then Thomas said, “Where are you making it? I haven’t seen you making anything in your room lately.”
 Ian replied, “Follow me into his room and I’ll show you where the secret workshop I made him is.” Then they walked into Matt’s room. When they were in it Ian walked to the side of Matt’s bed and pulled a lever that was sticking up. A giant door opened up in the wall that led to a completely different room. “Go on” said Ian and then all three of them walked in with Thomas in the lead.
 “Wow, that’s big” said Ian when he saw the elephant. “Have you finished making it?”
 Not yet,” said Matt “But I’m almost done.
 “Cool” said Ian.
“Where’s everything else that you’ve made?” asked Thomas.
“Well” said Ian, “Here’s the first thing he made which you haven’t seen yet.” Ian pulled out a box, and on the side of the box there was a big red button, on the top of the box there was a spring, and on top of the spring there was a small platform, and under the box there was a stand. The box was tilted so that if you drew a picture of it, it would be like a diagonal line.
Ian placed the box on the ground and then walked over to a string in the ceiling, he pulled the string and then a giant sheet made out of bouncy house material came down, then he walked over to one side of the room and pulled out a landing platform.
He sat on the platform that was on the box and yelled “FIRE,” and he pressed the red button, the box platform went down and then up and Ian was launched straight into the bouncy house sheet and fell onto the landing platform.
“My turn!” said Thomas and climbed onto the box platform, “FIRE,” he yelled and then pushed the red button. Thomas went sailing through the air hit the bouncy house sheet and fell, onto the landing platform, of course.
“That was awesome,” said Thomas.
And then Thomas asked: “Hey Ian what about you?”
“What do you mean what about me?” asked Ian.
“I mean do you have a workshop?” replied Thomas.
Ian hesitated, “um yes I do” said Ian (Though he didn’t want to admit it), “Well can we see it?” asked Thomas.
“Sure I guess,” said Ian, and the three of them went into Ian’s room.
“Where’s the lever for yours?” asked Thomas.
“I don’t have a lever,” said Ian.” Don’t have a lever!” Exclaimed Thomas, “How are we supposed to get in?”
“With this” said Ian, and he pushed a button that was in the wall, a giant door opened up in the wall just like before and all three of them steeped inside, Ian’s workshop was way bigger than Matt’s, of course. When they were inside, Matt saw something that he really liked.
“Liquids!” yelled Matt (For Ian knew how to invent things using liquid but Matt didn’t) “awesome!”
Then Thomas asked Ian: “What are you making right now?”
“A flying saucer,” replied Ian.
“A FLYING SAUCER!!!!!!!!!!!!” both Thomas and Matt yelled at the same time.
“Yep,” said Ian, “I’m almost done, but it can fit more than three people and there’s way more than one room, it’s really big, and it can abduct people.
“ABDUCT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” both Thomas and Matt yelled at the same time.
“Yep” said Ian.
“Let’s go skateboard,” said Thomas.
“Okay,” said Ian, “but where should we go?”
“To your grandmother’s house,” said Thomas.
“Why there?” asked Ian.



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 Layla and Jo

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