Monday, January 21, 2013

Entering Caption Contest

Yay! We are entering Ireland at A Pearl of Great Price caption contest here. Here is the photo we are entering.

And our caption is": Why doesn't he understand I'm showing him I need my teeth brushed.

So that's it. You should go enter too.
P.S. I Layla took the picture of the donkey. Tell me what you think. :)


  1. Thanks for entering the contest! I fixed the pictures on the post as well so you can check it out! :) And I love the caption! :)

    Yes I did write you back! (Sent it today actually! So sorry it took soooo long!)

    Caleb got Josiah's letter and sent one back today as well.

    And I want to meet you soon as well! We REALLY need to figure out how to meet!


  2. Hey Layla,

    Would you check out your etsy please? I sent you a message on etsy and was wondering if you've seen it??? Thank you!!!

  3. Hey y'all!

    About the caption contest... I can't do more than one entry, but you can change it if you want! Though you do only have till tommorow or so, I will accept one from y'all by Monday or Tuesday though if you can't change by then if ya want!

    Oh, and giveaway, will you (Layla) email me so we can talk about sponsoring stuff please? I'm hoping to get this started soon! :)



    p.s. I tagged you on my blog! :)