Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Pictures of Family.

Well, in this post we are going to put a lot of pictures of a lot of family and more. We will before we do pictures like we always do, do some pictures out of the ordinary. Here they are.

                 Our Aunt Hanna. 23 years old, b-day June 11. She is awesome.

                                Uncle Davey, he is awesome. He follows our blog and Aunt Hanna is going to.


Our Uncle Chaka, his real name is Mike but we've called him Chaka for as long as we can remember.  The other two pictures our of him and our Grandpa. Uncle Chaka is the dad of our cousin's Keaton and Addison pictured in A Random Post.

 Yes, they are playing with action figures and food.

Our Dad.

Our Mom.

Our 17 year-old brother Ian.

I, Layla.

I, Josiah.



These pictures are of Moses and Pearl.

Please tell us how you like them.  By the way today (the1st) is the full moon and so is the 31st so this month is the blue moon!!! Very exciting! We await your comments eagerly.


  1. I absolutely love these pictures!!! Some of those pictures are so funny! Especially from Ian and down!!! :) And oh my word.... Pearl is sooooooo cute! Isn't that fun we have a sister with the same name?!?! :)


    1. We think so to. Awesome, ha.
      Glad you liked them.
      Layla and

  2. Awesome pictures guys.... who is that handsome hunk of a man in the white shirt making the pretty face?!!! OHHH thats me of course!!.. no but seriously these pictures make me miss you guys! love you

    1. Your wrong that guy is me.And your not handsome.

      Good by t.