Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are a brother and a sister.  Our names are Layla and Josiah.  We are home schooled and we live with lots of brothers and sisters and our mom and dad.  A few days ago we went down to a river and caught giant tadpoles. They are all about four inches long, head to tail.  Some of them are almost frogs but not yet. We have six chicks and one duckling, two kittens, a dog and a pond of fish.

Layla loves reading, writing, fishing, playing guitar and keyboard and talking to birds.

Josiah loves reading, drums, drawing, fishing, legos and exploring.

Welcome to our blog, we hope you come back to read often.


  1. hi kids! i love you! your blog is great :)

  2. This is really neat! I'll be checking here often!